Gerry Lawson and The Victa Air Tourer

Have you heard of Flapperons? Well, the Victa Air Tourer has them! I have never heard of them, lovely sounding word though! Apparently, when the flap is up, the whole wing is acting as an aileron.

Gerry Lawson's Victa Air Tourer is 41 years old and is much loved. It has the wing of VH BWS and the fuselage from VH MTI. It is fully aerobatic to +9 and   -6 g and has a 100hp engine. The Tourer is hangared at Goolwa.

Gerry and Jim Evans called in to Aldinga for a cappuccino and were telling me about flying in The Citizen Air Force 24 Squadron on Mustangs, Wirraways and Windmills. Gerry used to be an Examiner until 1982 in DCA - Department of Civil Aviation. His job description in 1966 was " To encourage and foster aviation in Australia ". A worthwhile job! Jim is now the PR Officer for The South Australian Aviation Museum.

Gerry Lawson and Jim Evans with the Victa....

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